Welcome to Laughing Lion Apothecary

Laughing Lion Apothecary

Welcome to Laughing Lion Herbs!

Laughing Lion Herbs is dedicated to exceeding all of our customer’s expectations of quality and service by building lifelong relationships through the intentionality of integrity and respect and by caring for each and everyone as our own family.

Laughing Lion Apothecary was started in 2019 as a retail brick-and-mortar extension of Laughing Lion Herbs, our Online Business. We decided to expand our brand from only Kratom products to a full apothecary with over 200 bulk herbs, extracts, teas, and functional herbal blends, CBD products from topicals, hemp flower, tinctures, and even pet products—bath and body products from Bath Bombs, Skin and Hair serum, a massive essential oil selection, and a huge selection of natural cold-process soaps. We can also order any legal herb or nootropic requested with our extensive business connections with the top suppliers in the USA and Worldwide who provide only GMP certified products all with COA’s and lab test results.

Our goal with this store is to provide the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas with a safe and friendly place to go for all your natural product needs! Everything we sell in the store is as natural as it can come with incredible attention to detail and quality! We believe that everything we sell is meant to bring healing, vitality, and improvement of quality of life. We do not sell anything that is toxic or detrimental to the body and if any new authentic and legitimate research surfaces about anything we sell proving it’s not safe, we will likely decide remove it from our shelves!

Types of Kratom Offered at Laughing Lion Apothecary

In the State of Colorado, we sell the least expensive Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) by as much s 75% less than the going rates! How do we do this? We source, import, and manufacture every gram of kratom we sell! Our state-of-the-art facility in Monument, CO is soon to be cGMP compliant with an estimated completion of late January, 2020.  For now, we are following the GMP requirements and simply waiting on final training to ensure every “t” is crossed and every “i” is dotted before we have our on-site Audit. We will be listed on the American Kratom Association’s website as one of less than 2 dozen companies in the US who have become certified! We are heavily involved in Kratom legality and activism and have participated in every major Pro-Kratom event since 2015 including the Washington DC march in 2016 and have participated in all AKA Leadership Summits and training seminars.

We Are Direct Importers of Kratom – No Middlemen Here

By importing Kratom directly from the source, we are able to cut out the multiple middle-men that exist in the industry. And while the costs of production is going up while we become cGMP compliant, we are doing everything we can to keep our prices stable! We know how important Kratom and other herbs are to the lives of our customers and we respect that many do not and cannot afford expensive products like Kratom so we make it possible and affordable for all budgets with ounces as low as $6.99 (when you buy a 5oz sample pack for $34.95) and Kilos for as low as $135!

We Are Located In Colorado Springs, Colorado!

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